Alverde: Certified Natural Cosmetics

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Alverde carries a wide range of care and cosmetic products with natural ingredients. The Alverde range now covers almost all products that conventional brands also offer – from shampoo to eye shadow. Alverde products comply with the guidelines of the European natural cosmetics association NATRUE *. The care and cosmetic products contain only natural or even organic ingredients.

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The trend towards natural cosmetics continues to pick up speed and the Alverde brand is right at the forefront: Alverde products have stood for natural raw materials and resource-saving production since their market launch in 1989. At the heart of Alverde are ingredients that are preferably produced organically and sustainably. Natural essential oils give an irresistible fragrance, herbs contribute their nourishing substances, as do shea nuts and jojoba seeds.

At least as important, however, is what does not find its way into Alverde natural cosmetics. Alverde does without purely synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives and largely substances of animal origin such as beeswax.

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Animal experiments also have no place. This means that these products can be considered vegan – look out for the vegan flower, the German seal of approval for vegan cosmetics!

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*) NATRUE AISBL (an international non-profit association) based in Brussels is The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association, whose objective is to ensure the availability of quality natural and organic cosmetic products for consumers worldwide.

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