Alkaline Base Powder For Deacidifying Your Body: The Effects & Causes 

mivolis alkaline base powder

Alkaline base health products are specially developed to create a balanced acid-base balance. The German brand Mivolis has developed alkaline as base powder, as well as base tablets. Both are enriched with important minerals and trace elements that protect the body. This is done by neutralizing acids and thus counteracting over-acidification.

Ingesting these minerals flushes acids that have built up year after year from the body. The entire organism is recharged like a battery and unnecessary rinsed out.

What is the effect of alkaline base powder on the body?

Alkaline powder has a positive effect on the acid-base balance. It helps with the targeted deacidification of the body and with the daily supply of minerals. It helps with:

28 sticks Mivolis Alkaline Base Powder PUR
  • Acid neutralization in the body
  • Protection of bone density and muscle mass
  • Lowering the risk of stroke and high blood pressure
  • Relief from chronic pain and inflammation
  • Prevention of magnesium deficiency
  • Improving body functions
  • Protection against cancer
  • Preservation of body weight
  • Improved drug effect
  • Reducing heartburn

The causes of hyperacidity: how does it develop?

Acidification occurs when we consume a lot of strongly acidic foods. This has changed a lot in the last few centuries with our way of life. In the modern diet, we consume a lot of acidic foods like sugar, carbohydrates, and animal products. But everyday stress (the cause of around 80% of all illnesses), negative emotions, smoking, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and insufficient fluid intake can also be reasons for an unbalanced acid-base balance.

200 Tablets Mivolis Alkaline Base Tablets with Minerals & Trace Elements

In itself, this is not a challenge for the body, as it can break down acids itself. But it is important that he has enough minerals to help him. This requires the body’s own substances such as potassium, calcium or magnesium. Our body neutralizes these acids and protects the cells from them.

If an excess of acids is consumed, a large number of minerals must be used to neutralize bad food. The body always wants to be in a balanced acid-base balance. In addition, the highly acidic foods are not suppliers of minerals.

As a result, the body has to draw on its own resources: from bones, teeth, hair, blood vessels or organs. The excess acids are temporarily deposited in the body as salts / slags.

About Mivolis:

For more than 20 years, the German brand Mivolis has been offering you and your family competent, reliable, inexpensive and high-quality products in the fields of pharmaceuticals and wellbeing. The basis for the consistently high quality of the products are high-quality raw materials and their careful processing – secured by constant, strict quality controls.

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